Short Stories: A Peek Inside the Collection II

Short Stories: A Peek Inside the Collection

through September 2019

Short Stories provides a unique view of the Museum’s collection. Instead of a gallery with one overall theme, this exhibit features individual or small groupings of artifacts with interesting tales from Tulsa history. Some items are recent donations while others are objects recently re-discovered or researched by the staff. Artifacts highlighted in this exhibit include:

  • Furniture, dishes, photos, and menus from Ike’s Chili
  • Aprons and cookbooks made in mid-century Home Ec class at Booker T Washington High School
  • Drawings by Willard Stone when he worked at Wiemann Iron Works
  • Collection from local hat maker including hat parts, completed hats, hat forms, accessories
  • Early 20th century children’s toys and quilts
  • Clarence Allen cartoons and portraits
  • Items related to Grand Opera House and other early Tulsa institutions
  • Variety of unique and interesting early photographs of Tulsa

  • Close-up view of children's toys.
  • Overview of children's items.
  • Close-up of cartoons by Clarence Allen.
  • Lombard Family Trunk.
  • Documents related to the incorporation and building of the Tulsa Opera House.
  • Steamer Trunks.
  • Hats and hat making materials.
  • A painting based on an interesting (and sad) Oklahoma story.