Theatre Tulsa

Since 1922, Theatre Tulsa has been a part of the culture of Tulsa entertaining the community for 84 years.  Theatre Tulsa and its supporters share a rich legacy of bringing music, laughter and drama to the people of Tulsa and providing a venue for the many talents of the Tulsa community. Originally organized as Tulsa Little Theatre (TLT), its first play was produced in 1922. In 1974, TLT changed its name to Theatre Tulsa, Inc.  . During the depression TLT never closed. The succeeding years have seen a series of awards and “firsts” from being the first community theater in American to produce “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder to invitations to participate in international theater festivals.
In 1989 performances were moved to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center and Theatre Tulsa became the resident company of that facility. Theatre Tulsa is the oldest continuously running community theater west of the Mississippi River and the seventh oldest in the nation.