Research Requests

We welcome research requests; however, the Archives Department is limited to one staff member in addition to designated volunteers. The museum has no regular library or research staff. Answers to research questions received via e-mail or telephone are limited.

THS makes its collections available to those who make a research appointment in advance, except when collections are undergoing treatment, study, or when such access may cause harm, present a threat to, or damage the items. The Society’s mission is the preservation of items within the collection.

Research requests should be directed to the Archivist & Curator of Collections, Ian Swart. The Archivist (or assigned volunteer) will assist the patron in their research. A research fee of $25.00 per hour for non-members or $20.00 for THS Members (minimum of one hour) will be charged by THS. Appointments will be granted based on the availability of staff and the materials requested.

Additional Resources:

Beryl Ford Photograph Collection: Searchable online HERE

The Tulsa Historical Society is not the repository for the Tulsa Tribune Archives. We are not able to perform lookups in any Tulsa newspaper. The Tulsa City-County Library website is

Genealogical questions may be directed to the Tulsa Genealogy Center at 918.746.5222 or the Tulsa Genealogical Society at 918.627.4224.

The Tulsa Historical Society does not have the capability to provide the history of residential structures at a specific address. Here are some research options:

Planning Your Research Visit:

  • General access to the THS Archives is limited to staff and designated volunteers.
  • Research Appointments must be made with the Archivist at least five business days in advance.
  • You must submit the subject matter or specific material for which you are requesting access.
  • Reproduction of materials in the collections, in any form, must be approved by the Archivist or Executive Director.  THS reserves the right to decline reproduction. Requests must state the intended use of the material, and additional use fees may apply. Appropriate credit to THS must also be given.

When You Arrive:

  • Wash hands thoroughly. We ask that your hands be free of lotions, perfumes, food, and food oils before using any of our materials.
  • Please silence all cellular phones.

In the Research Room:

  • Food and drink are not allowed in the museum and/or research areas.
  • Use only pencil and paper or laptop for taking notes. Ink is prohibited.
  • Requested materials will be located, pulled from the archives, and made available in a pre-designated area for your review.
  • THS Vertical Files can be copied for a fee. (8.5 x 11 – .25 each, 8.5. x 14 – .30 each, 11 x 17 – 1.00 each.)
  • Please handle all materials with care. Avoid taking notes on top of archival materials or holding them in ways that will tear, fold, or otherwise damage the item.
  • All items must remain on the tabletop.
  • You will be asked to wear cotton gloves while handling items from the museum’s collection.
  • If items are found to be in poor condition, you may not be allowed to handle them and/or reproductions may not be made.