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May 27th
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Bus Trip: October 17-18, 2016

Coal and Lumber Industries in Oklahoma

Henyetta, McAlester, Broken Bow, Hugo

What do the coal and lumber industry, Italian food, native wildlife and the circus have in common? Join us in October to learn the answers as we travel by bus to Southeastern Oklahoma. Beautiful scenery, fun adventures, great food, and special surprises are guaranteed – just bring your wanderlust!

For a full itinerary – CLICK HERE.

To register, print off THIS FORM and mail in with full payment.


May 16th
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UNMASKED: The Rise & Fall of the 1920s Ku Klux Klan

Author: Ann Patton

Book-signing, Saturday, June 4th

Come and Go 1 – 3 PM

final Klan cover 3-22-16Ann Patton’s newest book that tells the gripping tale of the 1920s Ku Klux Klan, its mesmerizing young leader David Curtis Stephenson, his rise to soaring power, and the brutal rape and murder that killed the Klan empire.

Throngs of Americans rallied at the feet of Grand Dragon Stephenson, a blond charmer who was marketing hate as a political weapon, with violent undertones and vast fiscal rewards. In the process, he was melding his followers into a polished political machine that could not be stopped.

Ann Patton

Ann Patton

At its height, the movement captured the loyalty of millions around the nation, and it worked like magic – for a while. But on his way to the White House, he stumbled in the arms of a young woman, and his evil empire crumbled, tarnishing all it touched.

This new true-crime political story is the latest book by Ann Patton, writer and consultant based in Tulsa and Orlando. She was an award-winning Tulsa journalist and program manager.  Her other recent books include “The Tulsa River” and “Dan’s War on Poverty,” both local histories of significant stories.


May 6th
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The Cold War: The Early Years

Presented by Tulsa Chautauqua

June 7 – 11, 2016

Under a tent on the grounds of the Tulsa Historical Society & Museum

All activities are FREE and open to the public

Evening Performances:atomicwar2

  • Tuesday, June 7th at 7 PM – Nikita Khrushchev by Doug Mishler
  • Wednesday, June 8th at 7 PM – Dr. Ralph Bunche by James Holmes Arnstead
  • Thursday, June 9th at 7 PM – Eslanda Robeson by Ilene Evans
  • Friday, June 10th at 7 PM – Winston Churchill by Kevin Radaker
  • Saturday, June 11th at 7 PM –  Pete Seeger by Randy Noojin

Daily Workshops:

  • Tuesday, June 7th
    • Noon: Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech: It’s Historical Context and Impact (Scholar: Kevin Radaker)
    • 5:30 PM: The Family of Man – Social Documentary through Photography (Scholar: Ilene Evans)
  • Wednesday, June 8th
    • Noon: Pete Seeger: After The Blacklist (Scholar: Randy Noojin)
    • 5:30 PM: Winston Churchill and the Bomb During the First Decade of the Cold War (Scholar: Kevin Radaker)
  • Thursday, June 9th
    • Noon: Aliens, Red Scares, and ISIS: America in Times of Fear (Scholar: Doug Mishler)
    • 5:30 PM: The Cold War at Home (Scholar: James Holmes Armstead)
  • Friday, June 10th
    • Noon: The Cold War and US Foreign Policy (Scholar James Holmes Armstead)
    • 5:30 PM: Hootenanny: Pete Seeger Sing-Along (Scholar Randy Noojin)
  • Saturday, June 11th
    • Noon: Children’s Literature from the Left: 1920-1980 (Scholar: Ilene Evans)
    • 5:30 PM: Duck and Cover: The Cold War’s Spies, Lies, Myths and Mistakes (Scholar: Doug Mishler)

LO-Sent-Is This Tomorrow_thumb[1]For more details about the daily workshops: CLICK HERE

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