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Oct 24th
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Children, parents, and grandparents can help dream a better future for Tulsa at the opening of the Dream Exhibit at the Tulsa Historical Society Museum. The exhibit, sponsored by The Williams Companies, will be formally opened by Mayor Dewey Bartlett and his wife Victoria at a public event Wednesday, November 9, 7-9 pm. The event will include musical selections by a local choral group and an inspiring multimedia presentation by bestselling author Susan V. Bosak.

Tulsa is the first American city to host the Dream Exhibit. The exhibit is in Tulsa for the city’s new Across the Generations initiative. By the year 2030, 1 in every 5 Americans will be over 65. The Across Generations initiative will help Tulsa address shifting demographics as it works to become a city that recognizes, respects, and meets the needs of all ages and brings generations together in support of each other.

The Dream Exhibit is part of an Across Generations One City, One Book program developed to start an intergenerational dialogue and invite ideas from Tulsans of all ages. Families, schools, and seniors groups are encouraged to read Bosak’s award-winning book Dream. The book is illustrated by 15 top artists from around the world and is a multilayered story for children and adults about hopes and dreams across a lifetime – from the time you’re a baby to the time you’re an older adult.

The Dream Exhibit features all the original artwork created for Dream – watercolor, oil, digital, 3-D modeling clay, and more. There’s also the magical, handcrafted Dream Chest inspired by the chest in the book. Computer interactives and concept drafts reveal the secrets behind the creative process.

“The exhibit gets you thinking about your life and the generations, and inspires you to dream better things for your community,” says Bosak, who is also Chair of the Legacy Project, a national multigenerational education group that has partnered with the City of Tulsa on the Across Generations initiative.

“Other cities trying to adress the demographic shift haven’t had an education component. While they’re well-intentioned, they do little to address the underlying social issues and involve people of all ages. So they’re not as effective as they could be,” says Bosak. “The Dream book and exhibit are accessible to everyone and invite participation and creative new ideas for Tulsa.”

The public is invited to reserve seats for the Dream Exhibit opening Wednesday, November 9, 7-9 pm at the Tulsa Historical Society Museum, 2445 South Peoria Avenue. Young and old throughout Tulsa can come together to dream a better future for the city. There will be a reception with refreshments, and everyone attending will receive a free sparkling Dreamer pin.

The Dream Exhibit will be in Tulsa through 2012. Visit for more information.


Oct 19th
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Barbara McAlister

Barbara McAlister, an American Dramatic Mezzo Soprano of Cherokee Indian Heritage, will be here to perform on Thursday, October 20th at 1:30. She was born in Oklahoma and had a career spanning the globe from the New York Met to Europe and farther. McAlester is now a fine arts instructor and performer for the Cherokee Nation and various master classes.

Composers included in the program will be:
Forrest and Wright; Verdi; Bizet; Brahms; Cherokee Lullaby; “Amazing Grace” Cherokee and English, Newton; Lady Jane Douglas Scott; Payne and Bishop; B. McAlister; Cadman; Schubert; de Curtis; and Malotte


Oct 10th
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Help honor Tulsa’s outstanding business, civic and philanthropic leaders

For more information on the 2011 Tulsa Hall of Fame click here.

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