The Rev. James Halpine

The Rev. James Halpine has not let semi-retirement stop him from serving the church. Halpine is a native Tulsan and has been an ordained priest since 1952.  After studying in Ohio and Rome, he returned to Oklahoma and became rector of Holy Family Cathedral in Tulsa, in 1976.

Halpine retired in the fall of 1997, but continues to say mass and hear confession.  He also continues to represent his diocese in various organizations.  Halpine cites his father’s outgoing nature as an influence on his own ability to reach out to all sorts of people.
Friends of Halpine note that he is a very blunt but practical man.  This attitude might have led to him becoming an early proponent of holding Catholic services in daily language, as opposed to Latin. During the 1960s, he worked in the civil rights movement in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Halpine said he enjoys meeting people of different faiths because he feels that it is useful for non-Catholics to have someone to go to if they have questions.