2017 Chautauqua

The Great West: Cowboys and Cattle Trails

June 6 – 10, 2017

Under a tent on the grounds of the Tulsa Historical Society & Museum

Mark your calendars for 2017!

Five nights each June, as the crickets chatter and the wind blows the summer heat into the Arkansas, Tulsa celebrates its annual Chautauqua. Like apparitions from the past, figures emerge from history, come to the Chautauqua tent, settle upon the Chautauqua stage and talk. Re-enacted by humanities scholars, Chautauqua characters carry us into the very heart of history. We experience their joys and sorrows, envision their lives and times, hear the voices of the past.

Nightly Performances at 7:00 PM:

Tuesday, June 6th – Jesse Chisholm portrayed by Michael Hughes

Wednesday, June 7th – Thaddeus Dunkley portrayed by Jim Armstead

Thursday, June 8th – Bettie Matthews Reynolds portrayed by Sally Ann Drucker

Friday, June 9th – Johanna July portrayed by Vanessa Adams-Harris

Saturday, June 10th – “Hanging Judge” Isaac Parker portrayed by Doug Mishler

For full bios on historical figures and the actors that portray them, visit the Tulsa Chautauqua website

Full a full list of nightly performances and daily workshops, CLICK HERE