Collections and Research

The Tulsa Historical Society collection contains materials that date from the 18th century to the present. The Society’s mission is to collect, preserve and present the material to the public.

The museum’s collection is wide ranging and includes over 65,000 photographs, approximately one thousand books that relate to Tulsa or Oklahoma, historical films and videos, manuscripts, periodicals, maps, vertical files covering approximately six thousand subjects, clothes, architectural elements, fine and decorative arts, furniture, military uniforms, military medals and a myriad of other objects that pertain to Tulsa or Oklahoma history.

While much of the material on display in exhibits at the Tulsa Historical Society is from our collection, members may make an appointment to look at other specific areas of Tulsa history for research. Visit the Research Requests page for information on how to make an appointment and what material is available.

We depend solely on the generosity of donors to add to our collection of artifacts. Visit the Donation Page for more information.


Although the Tulsa Historical Society welcomes artifact donations, we do not provide authentication and appraisal services. We do not give appraisals or statements of monetary value in keeping with current ethical codes outlined by the American Association of Museums.

A good starting point for assessing value and authentication of objects and works of art can be found here:

If you wish to obtain a formal, written appraisal of an object (for which you will most likely be charged a fee), please consult a professional association to find a local accredited appraiser.