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Tulsa Hall of Fame 2014 Inductees

  • Portrait of Anne B. Cleveland

    Anne B. Cleveland

    Cleveland’s parents relocated to Oklahoma at the turn of the 20th century. Her mother’s family came from West Virginia and her father moved from Maryland. Although Cleveland’s father had been lured west by his dream of finding a gusher, he bought land and began raising trout as a hobby. The hobby turned into a family… [Read On]

  • Portrait of Rosalind Cook

    Rosalind Cook

    In her 2014 book Capturing the Spirit in Bronze, Rosalind Cook writes, “Sculpting has been a joyful and deeply meaningful discovery of God’s calling for my life. I have been stretched to go far beyond what I could accomplish on my own. I have been guided through the agonies of hard work, doubts, and fears.”… [Read On]

  • Portrait of Burt Holmes

    Burt Holmes

    Equipped with a degree from The University of Tulsa and the experience of working with his father, Dan P. Holmes, in his insurance business, Holmes and Chester Cadieux, co-founded QuikTrip Corporation in 1958. QuikTrip has grown to one of the country’s most successful convenience store networks. Later, he established Burt B. Holmes and Associates, the… [Read On]

  • Portrait of George Krumme

    George Krumme

    Krumme was born and reared in rural Oklahoma about five miles northeast of Okemah. His early education took place in a rural school. He finished high school at age 16 in Bristow and then attended Oklahoma A&M as a music major. World War II changed the course of his life. He left A&M to study… [Read On]

  • Portrait of Rachel Perryman

    Rachel Perryman

    Known as “Aunt Rachel” to the pioneer town and Indian settlement called “Tulsey Town,” Rachel Perryman was of Creek and French descent and was likely born in April of 1846. Rachel married George Perryman a few years after the Civil War. The long-prominent Perryman family voluntarily settled in Indian Territory in the 1820s, and became… [Read On]

  • Portrait of Jon Stuart

    Jon Stuart

    Jon Stuart was adopted as an infant in Norway by his parents Harold and Joan Stuart.  He was educated in Tulsa, the Culver Military Academy, the University of Oklahoma and The University of Tulsa. Continuing in the family business, Stuart is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of First Stuart Corporation, a Tulsa-based… [Read On]