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Tulsa Hall of Fame 2009 Inductees

  • Portrait of George Fulton Collins III

    George Fulton Collins III

    George Fulton Collins III sought challenges for himself and created opportunities for others during his 65 years that was a model for a life well lived.  He died July 30, 2008. A Tulsa native, Collins earned three degrees from Stanford University, where he studied business and economics in the 1960’s. He completed a bachelor’s degree… [Read On]

  • Portrait of George and Phyllis Dotson

    George and Phyllis Dotson

    George and Phyllis Dotson are two of Tulsa’s most admired and effective leaders. A native Oklahoman, George S. Dotson graduated from M.I.T. in 1962, served in the Army as a Captain in Germany and Vietnam, and completed his education by receiving an M.B.A. from Harvard. In 1970, Dotson began what would become a 37 year… [Read On]

  • Portrait of Linda Sellen Frazier

    Linda Sellen Frazier

    Three beliefs motivate Linda Sellen Frazier’s volunteer work: Every child should have access to education in the arts; the arts are vital to the development of our city; and no city can be great without a symphony orchestra. Frazier is a native Tulsan. After graduating from Will Rogers High School in 1958, she received a… [Read On]

  • Portrait of Michael P. Johnson

    Michael P. Johnson

    “Human Resources” takes on a new meaning when applied to Michael P. Johnson.  He graduated from North Carolina Central University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1969.  That year Johnson began his professional career as a human resources trainee with the RCA Corporation.  He is also a graduate of the Advanced Executive Program… [Read On]

  • Portrait of Clayton Vaughn

    Clayton Vaughn

    “The Dean of Tulsa Television,” Clayton Vaughn’s broadcast journalism career spanned nearly half a century.   He retired from broadcasting in 1999 and became Executive Director of the Tulsa Historical Society, helping develop its new Tulsa midtown home.   He retired from the society in 2006 and remains active in community affairs. Born in Kansas and raised… [Read On]

  • Portrait of Richard B. Williamson

    Richard B. Williamson

    Richard B. (Dick) Williamson’s influence in his chosen industry circles the globe, and the same reach touches humanitarian needs in this country and overseas.  Richard B. (Dick) Williamson is a native Tulsan and is Chairman of the Board of T. D. Williamson, Inc.   TDW provides a range of engineered products and services oriented toward the… [Read On]