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Tulsa Hall of Fame 1998 Inductees

  • Grace and Franklin Bernsen

    In a city widely known for its civic spirit and the ample generosity of its early leaders, the commitment of Grace and Franklin Bernsen has fostered notable contributions to the quality of life for the citizens of Tulsa. Franklin Bernsen received his early education in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, before being graduated from Williams College… [Read On]

  • Pocahontas Greadington

    Calculating the impact an individual has made upon a community often involves adding up a list of accomplishments and awards. In the case of Pocahontas Greadington, once one has added up the long list of achievements and honors, the sum of her impact on Tulsa far exceeds the total of entries on her resume. A… [Read On]

  • E. Fred Johnson

    The term “community builder” can have many meanings. The term can define individuals whose vision leads to the creation of civic institutions. Or, it can refer to those who work, literally, to put paving on the streets. In the case of E. Fred Johnson , both definitions of “community builder” apply. Mr. Johnson was born… [Read On]

  • Virginia Kramer Kulp

    Growing up in the Oklahoma oil patch, Virginia Kramer Kulp learned to make changes. Due to her father’s changing assignments, each school year found her family living in a new town. Mrs. Kulp was forced to meet the challenges of making new friends and adjusting to new schools. As a result, continual change has become… [Read On]

  • Mildred Sanditen

    The spirit of volunteerism frequently is cited as one of Tulsa’s greatest strengths. Volunteers work innumerable, unpaid hours to make the city’s organizations successful. If a person were looking for one individual who embodies that selfless, volunteer spirit, they would need look no further than Mildred Sanditen to find the perfect example. For over sixty… [Read On]