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Tulsa Hall of Fame 1997 Inductees

  • Nancy and Raymond Feldman

    A partnership of 51 years is a remarkable achievement, particularly between attorneys. In the case of Nancy and Raymond Feldman, it has been a partnership marked by adventure, long hours at work and a deep commitment to the citizens of Tulsa. Nancy Feldman became a Tulsan in 1946, when her marriage to a “Tulsa boy,”… [Read On]

  • James Maxwell

    Youth may have been one reason for his tremendous energy. James Maxwell was the youngest person ever to have been elected Mayor of the City of Tulsa. More likely, it was his passionate feelings for his hometown that gave him the stamina to repeatedly work sixteen hour days in the service of Tulsa. Following his… [Read On]

  • Cass A. Mayo & John D. Mayo

    The pioneers who came to Tulsa, I.T., at the turn of the century gave much to the City of Tulsa. Like other pioneers, Cass A. Mayo and John D. Mayo made their mark in business. But the Mayo brothers did much more than most pioneers. They imprinted the city with their unique style, and, as… [Read On]

  • B.S. Roberts

    Reverend B.S. Roberts recognized the link between Tulsa’s spiritual life and civic health. His career in the service of Vernon A.M.E. Church was combined with an active role in governmental affairs. Reverend Roberts’ acute understanding of private reflection and public activism resulted in reasoned leadership for the entire community.  He led a campaign to register… [Read On]

  • Mollie and Richard Williford

    Any study of Tulsa’s history confirms one important fact. Tulsa has been blessed by citizens who have come to the city and adopted it as their “hometown.” In the case of Mollie and Richard Williford, it was a fortunate migration across the Red River from Texas that gave Tulsa two citizens who have greatly impacted… [Read On]