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Tulsa Hall of Fame 1996 Inductees

  • Dewey F. Bartlett

    Dewey Bartlett defied the conventional wisdom. As a Roman Catholic Republican in a state dominated by Protestant Democrats, Bartlett fought for the betterment of all Oklahomans regardless of party or creed. He was from a pioneer Oklahoma family but was born in Marietta, Ohio. He attended schools in New Jersey and earned a geological engineering… [Read On]

  • Mary Veasey Leech

    In a quieter and more gracious era, the stately residences of Stonebraker Heights stretched from downtown to the river. Across from the Creek Council Oak Tree, a large, white, frame house became Mary Veasey’s home when she was nine years old. The house remains her home today. Her father, James A. Veasey, was an attorney… [Read On]

  • Edgar R. Sanditen

    Service was a quality customers of OTASCO learned to expect when the company was under the stewardship of Edgar Sanditen. As both President and CEO of the family-owned company, Mr. Sanditen knew the value of providing customers with a diverse product line backed by satisfied service. Similarly, the citizens of Tulsa have come to rely… [Read On]

  • Jill Tarbel

    The architectural landscape of Tulsa has been changed by Jill Tarbel. Having contracted polio at the age of 13, she has a perspective many people without disabilities lack. She knows that while grand staircases may make a dramatic statement, to the disabled that statement may be “Keep Out.” Mrs. Tarbel also possesses the good sense… [Read On]

  • Clifton LeMoure Taulbert

    Born in the Mississippi Delta, author Clifton Taulbert has reaped rewards for his observances of the strong family bonds that seem to spring from the rich soil of the region. He has shared these rewards with his adopted Tulsa in the form of service to community organizations and a consistent, positive message of educational and… [Read On]