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Tulsa Hall of Fame 1987 Inductees

  • Portrait of James Monroe Hall

    James Monroe Hall

    James Monroe Hall was a pioneer Tulsan whose arrival with the Frisco Railroad in 1882 marked the beginnings of modern Tulsa. Hall, credited as being the “Father of Tulsa,” operated a general merchandise store, J.M. Hall & Co., for several decades on Main Street. He established Tulsa’s first church and founded the Tulsa school system.… [Read On]

  • Portrait of Benjamin Harrison Hill

    Benjamin Harrison Hill

    Benjamin Harrison Hill’s contributions to Tulsa derived from his double role as a leading religious figure and a state lawmaker. His accomplishments provided a peaceful transition for the community during the racially turbulent sixties. He was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, November 1, 1903. His family moved to Pueblo, Colorado, where he spent his childhood… [Read On]

  • Portrait of Charles Page

    Charles Page

    Charles Page envisioned a self-sustaining institution that would support orphaned children. That dream materialized on June 2, 1908, when he established the Sand Springs Home. Page developed a real estate and industrial base to ensure financial support for the Home, which has been providing shelter to orphaned children and widows for over ninety years. Page… [Read On]

  • Portrait of William Kelly Warren

    William Kelly Warren

    William Kelly Warren embodies the spirit of the independent oilmen who developed Tulsa from a sleepy cowtown into the Oil Capital of the World. As well as becoming a successful oil executive and an outstanding leader in all areas of the petroleum industry, Warren also carried roles in banking, medical research and education. He established… [Read On]

  • Portrait of Patti Johnson Wilson

    Patti Johnson Wilson

    Patti Johnson Wilson, civic leader, philanthropist and world traveler, was born in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, and moved to Tulsa at the age of four. She attended the Tulsa Public Schools and was inspired at an early age by prominent Tulsa piano teacher, Patti Adams Shriner. At fifteen, she began supporting herself by teaching piano and… [Read On]