A Women’s History of Early Tulsa

Aug 25th
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Pathfinders & Way-Makers: A Women’s History of Early Tulsa

by Judith M. Prentice Jaeger

Presentation on women’s aviation history in Tulsa and book-signing

Saturday, September 10th, 11:00 AM

THS.CoverAuthor Judith Jaeger will present on women’s roles in Tulsa’s aviation history. In August of 1929, the first women fliers made significant history, landing at Tulsa’s airfield during the Powder Puff Derby.

Notable for a first cross-country competition in primitive, very developmental aircraft, one Tulsan and eighteen others burst through stereotypes as well as aviation history! First-hand photos of the fliers and the headlines let us share their stories.

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Pathfinders and Way-Makers is an expanded view of individual women, their challenges, and the nature of their successes within the excitement of Tulsa’s unique early history. From a dusty prairie town through flight records in the roaring twenties, to new legal and career impact, 60 women, born 1880’s to mid-1920’s tell the story for hundreds of others.

Early Tulsa women helped settle the city as surely as the oilmen and bankers. The men built the town; the women shaped its unique community, and their influence reaches from the 19th century into our own.

About the Author – Judith M. Prentice Jaeger

JMJ.pix.2012Children and their families were often the focus of Judith Jaeger’s lifetime career as a nurse. It was an easy progression to take up further study of the impact of women in a specific time and place. As a Tulsa Genealogical Society Associate and the writer/editor for The Tulsa Annals, research about the women began in 2009.